How to buy product by using the “Consumer Voucher Gift Card”

Please click the steps below and follow the graphic instructions to use the “Consumer Voucher Gift Card”

Choose a suitable quota, or

Enter an appropriate amount

A, if the self has been the recipient can use the information blank, the system will “coupons gift card program,” sent to your registered email.

B. If you want to transfer the “Consumption Voucher Program Gift Card” as a gift to others, you can fill in the information of the other party in the recipient information bar.

Then press add to cart

Go to knot accounts

Choose ” Alipay HongKong ” as payment method

Click ” RROCEED TO ALIPAY ” to pay

If you are a first time using this site Alipay shopping, you need to be secure personal identity verification.

Enter the verification code received by the mobile phone for security verification

Enter your Alipay password and press OK to pay

Choose your Alipay linked account

Choose your Alipay HKD balance

Click “Confirm Payment” to complete the payment


You will receive a confirmation email of “Consumer Voucher Gift Card”, which includes the code of “Consumer Voucher Gift Card” and a link to direct application.

A. You can choose to copy the code of “Consumer Voucher Gift Card” and enter the code to deduct the amount at checkout in the shopping cart.

B. If you have logged in to HKPmall website, you can directly click “Use your coupon gift card” for automatic application without manual input.

If you have logged in HKPmall website, click “Use your coupon gift card” and it will be automatically applied without manual input.

You can click on any column and enter the coupon gift card code

Enter the coupon gift card code, and then press Use coupon

If the gift card is successfully applied, the system automatically deducts the equivalent amount of the gift card, and then you can choose any payment method to pay the balance and complete the order.

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